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Paul, David


I am a determined, focused, and hard-working leader with outstanding people skills, real-world business experience as well as international missions training (IMB) who desires to help a church become more like Jesus!

At 10 years old, I walked the aisle at First Baptist Church, Beaumont, TX, making a commitment to Christ. I knew all the right words: sin, salvation, grace . . . but I had no idea what they meant to me personally. For years after my “commitment” I had no relationship with Christ. When I was in high school, I began to doubt my salvation and was scared of spending an eternity in hell. One night as I was lying on the couch broken and crying, it all began to make sense. Jesus died for me personally. I felt the peace and love of God like never before, and after that time I have been interested in loving and serving Him.

In college at Baylor University, through the encouragement of different people, I felt a strong calling to ministry. During seminary (SWBTS — MDIV 2010), my wife and I both experienced a calling to overseas missions, and proceeded to pursue that calling with the International Missions Board — serving in Canada, Siberian Russia, Latvia, and Macedonia. The Lord has shown us clearly, especially recently, that it is His desire that we return to the US and continue to pursue our missions calling here.

I believe in both the personal study and the preaching of God’s Word. My approach to sermon preparation involves extensive reading of a text, asking questions and “conversing” with the text, and consulting commentaries for a deeper understanding. I use a verse-by-verse, expository approach to preaching that encourages listeners to actively follow the text. If the listener is inspired to go back and look at the text on a Monday morning, the sermon was effective.

I am willing to drive 50 miles from the Galveston area as long as vehicle fuel is covered. Call/text at 409-223-0665, or email at


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