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Phares, Bill

A fellow sojourner in life who has been called to preach the Good News of Jesus. This journey began in 1973 and I have beenĀ surprised and blessed along the journey. I was raised in a Methodist home and church. My family was very active and it was in this nurture that I heard the call of God to preach at age 23. I had returned home from a tour of duty in Vietnam two years before. I recommitted my life to Him upon returning and could tell God was leading me by His Spirit. It was during a revival week in my home church that I knew He called me to ordained ministry.

Finished college in 1977 while pastoring a small rural congregation. Began seminary at Emory University and following the first two years my wife and I had the opportunity to join the music evangelism ministry of Living Sound. For the next two years we ministered behind the Iron Curtain. I was an evangelist and many people came to Christ. Following this ministry I returned to seminary and completed my last year in 1983. Completed Doctor of Ministry degree in 1995. I continued to serve as a pastor and associate pastor until 1998 when I was appointed to serve as a Methodist Conference Evangelist. This was a 4-year season of revival in local churches and missionary evangelism in eleven countries. I returned to serve as a pastor again until 2006. I then became a Hospice Chaplain and just retired from this ministry in May 2017.

My passion is ministering to pastors and thirsty congregations. I welcome the opportunity to serve as a supply preacher and in an interim position. My ministry gifts are preaching and pastoral care.

I am willing to travel and will drive if distance is not too far. I will appreciate travel reimbursement and an honorarium for ministry provided.