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Phipps, Jonathan

My name is Jonathan Phipps. I have been married to my beautiful wife, Tiffanye, since August 15, 2015. I have one daughter, Brooklyn, who was born on January 19, 2017. We live in Arlington, TX and both grew up in Grand Prairie, TX. Also, we both graduated from Dallas Baptist University and I am working on my MDiv at Southwestern Theological Baptist Seminary. I love teaching the bible and helping others to find Christ in all of scriptures. I have working in ministry for the last 4 years, primarily in Youth Ministry. I feel like God has called me to family ministry, but is preparing me for full time pastoral ministry in the future. I love preaching for congregations and love to get opportunities to continually grow and gain experience behind a pulpit (I may not stay behind it while I preach, though).

I am an Expository Preacher, however I am open to topical if there is particular subject that is needed to be addressed. I am seeking to help local churches fill their pulpits as needed to give the teaching pastor(s) a needed rest, or whatever the needs of the church may be. I can preach to the adult congregation, the young adults and youth. I am a dynamic and versatile communicator for all people.

I can be found on Facebook by searching my name, and on Twitter/Instagram with the username @TheRealJPhipps. I can be contacted at my email,

Here is a sample of my preaching:

Praying for your churches and the vast needs of your pastors.
In Christ,
Jonathan Phipps

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