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Pool, J Mark

I’m a heart┬ásurgeon in Dallas Texas. The Lord has blessed me with the task of meeting and helping people in time of great need. Patients trust me – that is to say, patients put their lives in my hands (and I put my hands in His hands). This trust often allows me to connect with people in a special way, to speak into their lives in a special way.

I am a wannabe (part-time) preacher. I have a fire in my bones to speak the truth of the gospel. I am a member of First Baptist Church Dallas and teach the CrossFit Sunday School class (alongside my wife!) in the Young Married Department. I have preached at multiple churches, including ministering at Pathway of Life Church in Dallas several times for my friend Pastor Danny Wegman. Please see examples of my sermons thru the following links:

Don’t worry, I can preach a shorter sermon (if I have to, haha)!

I would love to encourage your congregation with the Word of God. I would be happy to speak on a biblical subject related to heart surgery or medicine (such as hardness of heart or spiritual obesity), if desired. I am willing to travel around the DFW area.

I do not require an honorarium; if I am provided one, it should/will be sent to Evantell, the evangelism organization founded by Dr. Larry Moyer.

My wife Jessica and I have 6 children with a 7th on the way. We live in Sunnyvale.

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