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Roberts, Jacob

Name: Jacob Roberts

Home Church: Mercy Church in Charlotte, NC

Pastor: Rashard Barnes

Denomination: Southern Baptist Convention. However, I am comfortable preaching in broadly evangelical contexts including churches in the EFCA, EPC, PCA, and non-denominational congregations.

Education/Experience: I am a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary with my M.Div. Degree. I preached about once every other month while in seminary both in my home church and as a professor-approved student preacher.

Preaching Topics: My sermons are based on the Bible. I take a passage of text, explain it, illustrate the main point(s), relate it to Christ, and then apply what it teaches to our lives today. The majority of sermons I’ve preached are from the Gospels, but I have also preached from the Psalms, OT historical books, and NT epistles.

Preaching Sample: I was chosen to preach at my seminary’s chapel service during my senior year. I spoke on “Where to Turn in Tough Times” from John 6:66-69. That sermon can be accessed by clicking here.

Additional Notes: If your congregation is progressing through a certain book of the Bible or Biblical theme, I am happy to prepare a specific sermon provided sufficient lead time (2-4 weeks).

Brief Biography: I have been joyfully married to my high school sweetheart Lindsey for five years! Months after our wedding, I began my first full-time ministry position with Reformed University Fellowship at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. After serving for two years, Lindsey and I felt it was time for me to begin attending seminary. We moved to Charlotte, NC, where our families live, so I could attend Reformed Theological Seminary. During that time I served at Grace Presbyterian Church as the pastoral intern while my wife worked as our Children’s Ministry Coordinator. My role involved service in preaching, leading worship, facilitating Community Group, and meeting one-on-one with members and non-Christians. Currently, my wife and I both work full-time in the Charlotte area and are members at Mercy Church where we serve our congregation through the prayer ministry. I am passionate about providing theological training to pastors in other nations, helping them to preach and teach the Bible faithfully and effectively.

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