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Dr. Brent Strawsburg

Dr. Brent Strawsburg is the Apologetics’ Consultant for Pacific Church Network.  He is also the Founder & President of Brent Strawsburg Apologetics specializing in making apologetics relevant for the church.  Dr Brent pastored two different churches for the past 30+ years and received his M.Div from Talbot School of Theology, his MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola University, and his D.Min from Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Brent has studied under some of the brightest minds in the Christian faith yet is gifted at making topics accessible to every Christian in the church.  Brent and his wife Cheri have been married 34 years. Cheri is a retired school teacher.  They have two children and three grandchildren. Dr. Brent has just finished his first book entitled Footprints of Faith: Defending the Christian Faith in a Skeptical Age.


If your church is interested in topics that will strengthen the faith your members and empower their witness please don’t hesitate in contacting Dr. Strawsburg. Here are some of the topics that Dr. Brent regularly addresses in churches:

How To Disarm Your Doubts

Where is God When It Hurts?

Why Does God Allow Evil & Suffering?

Is Belief in God Reasonable?

Can You Trust the Bible?

How Can Faith Survive a Relativistic Culture?

Is Jesus the Only Way to God?

Is Eternal Punishment (Hell) Fair?

Is Mormonism Christian?

Is Islam or Christianity True?

Resurrection: Myth or Miracle?

Inside the Mind of Your Catholic Friend

Facing End of Life Issues With a Loved One

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