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Wilcox, Michael

Hello, my name is Michael Wilcox, and I am passionate about Jesus!!! I am passionate about preaching God’s word to build His body for His Glory!! I am passionate about encouraging others to become intentional learners of Christ!!

I have been in ministry for over 20 years. I have been called to pastor the local church through preaching/teaching and serve the local church through my gifting’s and capabilities. I am Expository Preacher, however I am open to topical if there is particular subject that is needed to be addressed.

I am seeking to help local churches fill their pulpits as needed to give the teaching pastor(s) a needed rest, or whatever the needs of the church may be. I can preach to the adult congregation, the young adults and youth. I am a dynamic and versatile communicator for all people.

My resume includes serving as Youth Pastor, Church Planter, Children’s Ministry Director, Discipleship Leader, Ministry Intern and alike positions.

I graduated from California Baptist University with a Theology degree.

You can follow me on twitter @mawilcox76 or you can read my blog at @mikeysthoughts on WordPress.

You can contact me at for  any questions.

Here is a sample of my preaching:

Praying for your churches and the vast needs of your pastors.

In Christ our Lord,

Michael Wilcox

1st Timothy 4:12

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