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Williams, David

I am a member of Yadkin Valley Baptist Church in Lenoir, North Carolina.  I currently serve as the assistant Sunday School Director and as the teacher in the Men’s Sunday School Class.  I also fill-in for our Pastor in his absence.  I believe nothing is more important than telling the world about Jesus; however God gives us the ability to accomplish this.  I believe there are three ways in which God gives us the ability to accomplish this.  First is through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The preaching of the gospel should be the center of every service and every part of the service should point to the gospel.  Secondly, I believe God gives us the ability in our everyday lives.  Our lives should be filled with simple acts of kindness.  It is the small things, a smile, concern for our neighbor, helping those in need, daily prayer, which will open someone’s heart to the gospel better and faster than great feats and accomplishments.  Finally, I believe this is accomplished by a church that sows rather than gathers.  A church’s mission is not to have large numbers in Sunday’s service; rather it is to send large numbers to the fields for the work of sowing and reaping.  In order to accomplish this, a church must teach the Word of God to its’ people.  God’s will and work must be done through His Word.  God’s Word equips us to share the gospel with our walk and our words.  Through these things, the saints are edified, the lost are reached and God is glorified.

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