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Williamson, William

Name: William Williamson

Home church: Eaton Evangelical Free Church

Pastor: Craig Kirkpatrick

Denomination: Evangelical Free Church of America

Ordained: I was originally ordained by a small independent church in 1986 and then transferred my ordination to the EFCA in 2007.

Statement of Faith: Evangelical Free Church of America. I am conservative theologically.

Education: Bachelor of Science from the University of Northern Colorado. Majored in Mass Communications with a journalism and geography minor.

Experience: 16 years of pastoral experience as well as over 30 years of experience working with youth. I began a youth backpacking ministry in 1977. I have traveled on several short term missions trips to Europe, Central America, and India. I have preached behind the Iron Curtain (East Germany), Great Britain, remote churches in Belize, several churches in India, and preached on a Christian Television program in India.

I am called to preach and love to proclaim the gospel. I have preached and taught all age groups and I am very comfortable speaking to any size group. I look forward to each opportunity God gives to me to preach. I enjoy expository preaching and finding ways to communicate the truths of scripture to God’s people in ways that help them apply them to their lives.

I am willing to travel if there is financial help with the travel expenses.

Brief Biography: I have served in the Evangelical Free Church for 15 years in two churches and have served in a variety of independent churches before that. I am a fourth generation Coloradan and presently live near Grand Junction Colorado.

I have a wide variety of life experiences from farming to television production. I have worked in a Funeral Home and run a family farm. I am very accomplished at woodworking, fly fishing, photography and gardening.

I am married and have 5 adult children.

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