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Barnhart, Zach

Name: Zach BarnhartHeadshot

Home church: Fellowship Church (Knoxville, TN)

Pastor: Pastoral Resident

Denomination: Fellowship Church is a member of the Evangelical Free Church of America.

Licensed/Ordained: No

Statement of Faith/Theology: To see the EFCA Statement of Faith, please visit this link. I affirm the doctrines and positions of orthodox Reformed theology, affirming the Doctrines of Grace, and the Five Solas. For a good overview of the various distinctives of Reformed theology, please visit this link.

Education/Experience: I received a Bachelor’s degree in 2013 from Middle Tennessee State University, with a B.S. in Audio Production and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Upon accepting the call to pastoral ministry, I hope to soon attend seminary to receive a Master’s degree.

Preaching Topics: The gospel is and must be the focal point of each sermon. I preach expositionally, so my preaching is more often driven by the selected text itself than a topic or an idea. A few of my favorite “topics” to preach on, for example, are:

  • The glory of God
  • Justification by faith alone
  • How the Old Testament points to Christ
  • God’s sovereignty in our suffering

Preaching Samples: You can find a selection of my own sermons by visiting this link.

Social Media: Check out these links to visit my various social media pages:

Brief Biography: 

I’m a native Texan (Hook ‘Em Horns) who currently lives in Knoxville, TN with my lovely wife, Hannah. I am a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with an undergrad in Audio Production. I’ve always had an affinity for music and have been a lifelong musician. I thought music would be my career, but God had different plans.

Upon graduating from college, I felt a deep conviction that the Lord was calling me into ministry into some capacity. As I’ve prayed through that, I felt the need to focus on becoming a pastor. I have grown in my passion for studying and teaching God’s Word. I love to write and read. I am excited about walking out the journey God has laid before me, though it’s often bumpy, foggy, and long.

  • I currently work as a pastoral resident at Fellowship Church of Knoxville’s Pellissippi campus. I’m in my second year there and am having a blast. I would love to share more with you about what I do there and how you can be involved.
  • I am planning to attend Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in the near future, aspiring for a Masters of Theological Studies degree with an emphasis in Preaching and Pastoral Ministry.
  • I am a regular contributor to some other popular blogs and para-church sites, such as For the ChurchGospel-Centered Discipleship, and Servants of Grace. My writing has also been featured on websites such as The Gospel Coalition and Christianity Today.


Additional Notes: Being a young preacher, I am just looking for opportunities to get to preach and am fairly flexible on travel details. Traveling about 3 hours from Knoxville seems to be a good threshold, and of course would be willing to travel further perhaps if some reimbursements were offered. I normally receive anywhere from $75–125 as a stipend for a supply Sunday. I don’t have a rigid fee; I am using 100% of the money I make preaching in supply to go towards my seminary education, so I trust churches to give as they feel led. I appreciate your consideration! Soli Deo Gloria.

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