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Faulkner, Bob

Name: Bob Faulkner

Home church: Brynford Bible Church, Chicago

Pastor: Church is presently searching.

Denomination: Bible Church.

Licensed/Ordained: In 1968. Not at present.

Statement of Faith/Theology: Conservative in theology, premillennial in eschatology.

Education/Experience: Seminary-trained 1964-1968.

Preaching Topics: Expository teaching of Romans, Jude, Galatians, Hebrews. Topics: Kingdom of God, Last Things, Eternal Judgments, Studies on Islam, Koran, Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Preaching Samples: at, one can find 3,300 audios of my teaching, and reading of some of the great preachers of the past.

Additional Notes: Formerly an area representative with Voice of the Martyrs. A 30 year career in school-teaching in Christian and public schools, retired in 2011.

Brief Biography: Entered seminary immediately after High School, ordained to the Christian Church ministry. Due to doctrinal differences, took up teaching school as a profession and have since then served the Lord in the local church in a number of ways. Presently retired, but teaching a Bible class in the local church, and hosting a website with daily audios. Present on You-tube also. Live with my wife in Chicago and have four daughters and thirteen grandchildren.

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