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Fiensy, David A.


Name: David Fiensy

Home church: First Church of Christ, Grayson, KY

Pastor: Scott Ford

Denomination: Christian Churches

Licensed/Ordained: Ordained, 1971.

Statement of Faith/Theology: Evangelical

Education/Experience: B.A., Cincinnati Christian University; M.A., Xavier University; Ph.D., Duke University

Preaching Topics: I do mostly expository sermons on specific texts or stories from both the Old and New Testaments (with occasional topical sermons)

Preaching Samples:

Brief Biography: I have 37 years of teaching and preaching experience.  I am newly retired from teaching New Testament at Kentucky Christian University. I served several congregations as a part time pastor and one (six years) as a full time pastor in addition to my teaching ministry. I have also taught and preached in five foreign countries.  I am willing to travel around 100 miles to preach.  I would like $100 stipend plus 50 cents per mile.


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