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Ford, Tim

MA Theology Liberty University

Dear Church Leadership:

My journey with Christ began at a salvation in my early years. It has taken me to many interesting places and allowed me to work with some of the finest people I could ever know.  Through every transition my commitment to God’s call has remained constant, bringing me to this point today.

It is my desire to encourage your church and the community for Jesus Christ. My passion for the Bible and love of people have nurtured a shepherd’s heart while reinforcing the responsibility of declaring God’s Truth. I have been fortunate to preach in may churches across the US as well as at concerts and conferences for some notable Christian artists.

I believe we should be aware of the culture we are living in, relevant in our method and excellent in our approach all without compromise. My sermon presentation is clear and understandable with relevant application of theology.

I look forward to connecting with you in the coming days. Below you will find links to two sermon samples.

I live in NY state but am willing to travel.



Contact: (585) 490-4027

Financial Expectations: Travel, Food and Accommodations covered by church. Monetary stipend depending on distance and responsibility. Negotiable.

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