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Lamb, Gregory

greg and family
Gregory Lamb, 919-777-9222, – Ordained SEBTS Grad – MDiv, ThM, PhD cand. – Central NC Pulpit Supply, Youth Rallies, Revival Speaker, Evangelist. I am a two-time graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological seminary in Wake Forest, NC (Master of Divinity – MDiv – Pastoral Ministry – 2012) (Master of Theology – ThM – Biblical Studies – New Testament – 2013).

I have been ordained into the Gospel Ministry by Dr. Greg Lawson and the body of Union Chapel Baptist Church in Zebulon, NC where I currently serve as an Associate Pastor. I am currently looking for a Full-Time or Bi-Vocational opportunity to pastor a church within 40 miles of Sanford, NC. I am also looking for speaking/preaching engagements such as pulpit supply and revivals throughout NC, SC, VA, and TN.

All I ask for is to cover my travel expenses. I am currently a PhD candidate at SEBTS (Biblical Studies – NT) and plan to graduate December 2016. I am theologically conservative and fully hold to ALL the doctrines of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

I am in FULL doctrinal agreement with:

  • The Baptist Faith and Message 2000
  • The Abstract of Principles 1858
  • The Chicago Statement on Inerrancy

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