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Longanecker, Bill

Bill Longanecker

Name: Bill Longanecker

Home Church: James River Church

Pastor: John Lindell

Denomination: Assemblies of God

Ordination: Ordained in 1989

Experience: Served as Senior Pastor for 30 years. Evangelistic work in Mexico, Peru, Haiti and Africa, conducting evangelistic crusades.


Evangelist Bill Longanecker was saved in 1973. Prior to my salvation I was heavily involved in drugs and crime. On the night I surrendered my life to Christ I had a vision of the devil driving a carriage with a team of horses up towards heaven. I was in the carriage. The devil was  raving mad and cursing Jesus. Jesus was on a cloud. As the coach entered the cloud, Jesus took a staff and knocked the devil off the driver seat. Jesus then said to me, “You have served the Devil hard and fast, now you will serve me the same way for the rest of your life.” Without a doubt I have served the Lord hard and fast. I have served in 5 churches as senior pastor and now am serving as an evangelist and family counselor.

Seminars and training

In addition to preaching I also hold leadership training events to help equip your church leaders for the work of the ministry. These events are designed to assist lay people in identifying and owning their giftings and callings. The goal is to  better prepare them for to fulfill their calling and utilize their unique gifting to the body of Christ. Furthermore, I am heavily involved in mentoring young men, helping them be what God called them to be. We can make the event can be one day or several days, depending on your preferences.

My wife,  Jeannie and I also hold marriage seminars, . While these are usually one day, we can do a 2-3 day seminar with married couples.

Most noteworthy, I have been married to my wife Jeannie for 41 years. We have five children. All of the children are grown and married now and we now enjoy our 5 wonderful grand children.

I would love to come to your church to preach. I am a fiery, animated, evangelistic preacher.  I am and have been a student of the word of God for many years and I am skilled in rightly dividing the word of truth.

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