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Pearsall, T. Charves

Troy Firespeaks Pearsall

Preach the Word, be ready in season and out .

My Name is T.Charves “FireSpeak” Pearsall, I am a Christian, Teacher, Preacher,  Speaker, Christian Blogger,  and Ordained Minister; I am a Member National Association of Christian Ministers,  (NACM);  The United Christian Faith Ministries (UCFM), and more importantly I am a recent doctoral graduate of North Central Theology Seminary. Since my graduation, I have been committed to doing God’s work. Therefore, I want to present myself as an option to any pastor who has  because of time constraints, or travel, or vacation or any other commitments is unable to provide sound preaching for the congregation that God has given him.

When there is not enough time to prepare a sermon,  I am there to preach the word for you.  Whatever the reason I want you to consider me when you are required to be l ” in season and out of season”.  It makes no difference if you are topical or expository preacher, I am available to walk right in and met your needs.



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