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Robinson, Joseph

Name: Joseph Robinson

Home Church: Lifeline Mission Ministries

Pastor: Apostle Evonne Clarke

Denomination: Pentecostal

Licensed/Ordained: Licensed to ministry on July 17 2021.

Statement of Faith/Theology: Questions, problems and concerns that can be answered through scriptural reference.

Education/Experience: High School Diploma

Preaching Topics: Any topic that God have given unto me then I can try my very best to relate it to the scripture.

Preaching Samples

Additional Notes: Whenever you are in need of a speaker to come and preach for any service that you may have. I am available to come and preach for the service.

I am also able to travel to places that are located in Brooklyn.

Brief Biography: I have been going to church ever since I was an infant. And when I have grown up at the age of 13. I began to preach sermons and be one of the speakers on numerous platforms at different services at a young age. 

In high school people would call me by my nickname Joe Rob. Where in high school. I also won a supporting actor award, and a Richard Welling Certificate and much more.

I later began to recite poetry and rap songs that I later wrote on his own. I then became a mentor in my middle school where my duties were helping kids in poetry 13 and older. I am someone who loves to speak or preach in front of an audience and one. Who desires to encourage people and promote himself through public speaking, rap, singing and acting through the church.

Blessings, Joseph

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