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Theobald, Nick


Bio: Nick Theobald is a follower of Christ who is passionate about sharing with others about the truth of the gospel and the incredible nature of the God who created us. His ministry background includes seven years in full-time pastoral ministry in Colorado and Michigan. His teaching experience ranges from group sizes small to large and everywhere in between. Nick loves teaching that encourages both seekers as well as believers and is deeply committed to helping people take the next step in their faith journey.

From a personal perspective, Nick loves spending time wrestling his two boys (Everson and Adler) as well as staying up too late talking and watching “The Office” with his wife (Peggy). He also believes each football season that the Chicago Bears will win the Super Bowl and that well-made lasagna can heal the common cold.

Education: B.A in Communications and a minor in Biblical Theology from Wheaton College

M.DIV from Denver Seminary

Denomination: Non-denominational and has worked as well as taught in a wide range of evangelical denominations.

Contact: Please contact me at (616) 717-1682 or email me at

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