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Jerry D Woods

I am living in McNairy County, TN. God called me to preach God’s Word as a young man and I have spent my lifetime pastoring churches. As a retired Southern Baptist Convention pastor, I’m available to travel to do pulpit supply.  I am concerned about the direction of our SBC and America !  I truly am burdened to see another Spiritual Awakening in our churches and our nation !  Jesus told us to Intentionally Evangelize and to Intentionally Disciple His converts to Christianity !

George Barna tells us that only 10% of the Pastors in America are preaching/teaching to God’s people about what the Bible says about the issues of the day !  God birthed America following the First Great Awakening !  Our Founders made the Word of God (the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God) the foundation for America’s laws according to studies by political scientists.  I believe our nation is in decline because we are failing to make Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, of every area of our lives from our daily lives to the government of our land.  Ultimately, God’s people will submit to Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Our nation is in decline because it is accepting lawlessness because there is a failure to teach the Word of God in power and authority !

Give me a call if you can use me !  God Bless !

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