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Cessna, Shane (Creation Speaker)

Creation speaker Shane Cessna has a B.App.Sc. in Computer Management from Eastern Illinois University and an A.A.Sc in Administration of Justice from Olney Central College. He has spent six years as a worship leader and Sunday school teacher. He has been involved in the creation debate for many years and is also a member of the Creation Research Society. He is now a speaker for CMI-US.

Shane hopes to share with Christians that a belief in evolution and the Bible cannot be reconciled with one another. By discounting Genesis as literal history and accepting evolutionary beliefs, the Gospel message is undermined and Christ is rendered unnecessary as Saviour and Redeemer of mankind. Shane wants all Christians to understand the importance of these foundational beliefs and to “always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that lies within” us (1 Peter 3:15). By restoring the foundations of the Church on the authority of the Word of God, we can all be better prepared to spread the Good News of Christ. As a creation evangelist, Shane’s goal is to teach Christians sound creation information that will allow them to defend their faith with confidence.

Shane is married to Kelli who enjoys sharing God’s message through song and sign language. Together, they homeschool their family of four.

Here is a short overview of our model (what’s involved):

We do not charge any fees.  We accept honorariums, donations and love offerings on a voluntary basis.
• We request to have CMI resources available at each event. (This helps link people to vital information, and assists them in sharing the faith.)
• We ask the church, if possible, to reimburse (or contribute to) the cost of the hotel stay for the speaker. We will book the accommodations.
• We ask permission to circulate signup sheets during the presentation for our e-newsletter and Creation Magazine.

Our presentations are performed via PowerPoint; the presentations are filming friendly, and are 50-60 minutes in length.  All of our speakers will give the congregation what we call a relevance message for the main service time. This presentation starts with scripture and links people to the importance of Genesis and its connection to the Gospel message.  It then explains the different types of science being used when investigating the origins issue.  After that we move into an evidence section that talks about flood geology, fossilization, and dating methods.  The last part of the discussion will show how to use this message to be strengthened and share the faith. We have many topics to choose from if we have time for multiple sessions.

Additional information:
CMI’s Statement of Faith
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