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Conti, Bobby

Name: Bobby Conti

Home church: Grace Community Church

Pastor: Jarrod Jones

Denomination: Non-Denominational

Statement of Faith/Theology: Same as this website’s. For a more in-depth view, please see the Statement for Grace Community Church.


  • Student at Davis College – Johnson City, NY (Senior)
  • Pastoral/Biblical Hebrew
  • Future student of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary – Louisville, Ky (beginning May, 2017)
    • Pastoral and Church Ministry
  • Former Intern at Grace Community Church (Summer of 2016)
    • Preached at all four locations
      • Other leaders preached my outlines and critiqued them
  • Preacher for NextGen Ministries (Youth)
  • Preacher for The Gathering Place of Binghamton (defunct)
  • Former President of the Christian Club at SUNY Orange
  • Bible Studies
  • Current leader of the College group at Crosspoint Community Church

Preaching Topics: Anything in the Bible. I typically center my messages on Christ as the resolution. If you would like me to do a specific topic, I am willing to do so (with the exception of marriage)

Preaching Samples: I have outlines and manuscripts of my sermons here. I also have a video of me giving a devotional for communion here. It is older, and thus my speaking ability has grown since then. Additionally, the volume is low on the video, so you may need headphones for it.

Additional Notes: Because my hope for filling pulpit supply is to gain more credibility as a preacher, I request that I may record my sermon and put the video of it on YouTube. In order to fulfill privacy preference, I will not film anyone else other than myself unless they would like to be in the video. I may also mention the name of your church in the video’s description and (less frequently) give a thank you to a person in the congregation who has helped me to feel at home in your church. If you would rather that I did not record the sermon for any reason, please let me know before Sunday and we can discuss this.

Although many churches prefer topical preaching, my primary method is expository or verse-by-verse preaching (for an explanation on this, please see this article). If your church would prefer a topical sermon, I can accommodate for this, provided I am given notice and that there is a specific topic you would like me to preach on. Since I will not be married until August, I am unable to preach on the topic of marriage.

In terms of payment, please be sure to include money for travel and food. We may discuss any other costs in detail over the phone, through email, or in person. I am willing to travel, but only within one hour of Johnson City, NY. since I am a college student.

Should the church offer me lodging, I may also need an additional room for my fiancee, since she usually comes with me. If this cannot be fulfilled, I may need a ride to your church from a patron. I might also be able to ask another student, but I cannot guarantee this (especially if I am contacted less than 24 hours until the service).

Brief Biography: Bobby Conti lives in Johnson City, NY where he studies Pastoral Ministries and Biblical Hebrew. After studying Criminal Justice for two years, he realized God’s calling on his life to be a pastor. Since then, he has lead a number of Bible Studies as well as preached multiple times for churches. He is engaged to Seana and is finishing his degree in Pastoral Ministries and Biblical Hebrew.

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